Sunday, October 24, 2010

Western Canadian Scrabble Ch

I just played in the Western Canadian Scrabble Championship. It was 37 rounds of scrabble of 5 days, the longest tournament in North America. I played in three separate tournaments of 8, 8 and 21 rounds. I played ok but finished somewhat below my expectation.

My highlight was coming back from being down 169 pts against my friend, and one of the highest rated at our event, Eric. I scored 81 for LATEX (with a 9x X) and then had to bingo out with ACEHPRS and my word had to be 8 letters and end with and I, that was on the board. I plunked down PARCHESI, and was still behind by 2 but then won after adding the 18 points for his rack of Y, blank, and 5 vowels. Was an incredibly lucky finish.

Excellent tournament, but I'm exhausted and need some rest. Not to mention dishes, laundry, etc etc.

I lost one game by a point, and my three highest losses were from 459, 450 and 435.
Geez, what do you need to get to win in the top division???